12 Reports Your Senior Living Community Needs

How the Right Dashboards Drive Your Community Forward

Reports are arguably the most important part of your CRM. They help you gain a more accurate view of your organization, on a macro level (whether you are hitting your monthly/quarterly/yearly goals) and on a micro level (e.g., which salespeople are performing the best).

This article shows you 12 EnquireLEADS reports that provide the real-time information you need to make the right decisions for your community. The first two let you instantly see the big picture of what’s happening in your communities. The next 10 dig deeper so you can the various smaller factors that are contributing to that big picture.

1. Community Dashboard: Gain a clear understanding of a single community over the past 12 months

This report is a quick visual overview of what’s happening on the community level. Here, you can identify seasonal patterns and trends, what your conversion ratios are, which salespeople are meeting their goals, and more. Run one of these for each community in your portfolio and use them to kick off your monthly meetings. An image post uses a visual element as the centerpiece of your post, such as a SlideShare presentation, infographic, comic, or high-resolution images.


2. Region Monthly Summary: Compare monthly KPIs across all of your communities

Want to know which communities had the most deposits, move-ins, and move-outs last month? The region monthly summary provides a quick look at high-level census KPIs across all your communities. Use it to quickly identify which communities are star performers and which may need some extra love next month.


3. Inquiry Goals Report: Instantly see if you hit your monthly inquiry goals

This dashboard shows whether you’re hitting your new lead and reinquiry goals on a monthly basis. Use it to gain a big-picture view of your lead growth, as well as insight into how things change month-to-month and season-to-season.


4. Market Source Dashboard: Know exactly where your leads come from

If you don’t know where your leads come from, how will you know how to get more of them? This report tells you exactly that. Use it to allocate resources to where they’ll do the most good.


5. Occupancy Reports: See which communities maintain the best occupancy levels

This report is essential, especially if you have multiple communities in your portfolio. It provides a 12-month view of your occupancy, which you can use to compare communities and make predictions and plans for the future.


6. Sales Pipeline Dashboard: Know which communities have filled their sales pipeline

The average sales cycle for senior housing ranges from just over 40 days for residential care to more than 120 days for independent living. This report tells you how many leads are at each stage of your pipeline so your sales team can concentrate on converting the hot ones while your marketing team works on getting more people down the funnel.


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7. Occupancy Dashboard: Get a quick view of all of your KPIs

Another must-have report for your monthly meetings, this report consolidates all of your KPIs (occupancy, move-ins, sales conversions, etc.) into one convenient view.


8. Sales and Marketing Activity Dashboard: See which communities took the most actions and see detailed views of your sales pipeline

This dashboard digs a little deeper, allowing you to see not only your pipeline and conversions, but also sales activity by community. If your sales process is getting hung up along the way, this report will show you exactly where.



9. Community-Level Dashboard: Measure activities at the community level

Like the one above, this report provides information about your sales pipeline and outreach activities. But it also provides a more granular look into individual communities, including detailed move-in/move-out reports and future outreach. Use it to set goals and make plans for the upcoming months.


10. Sales Counselor Reporting: Learn which sales counselors are on track to hit their goals

The people who represent your community have a huge impact on whether prospects turn into move-ins for you or for your competitors. This report identifies your most effective sales counselors so you can reward them, and your least effective ones so you can provide remediation.



11. Sales Report Cards: Easily track individual sales efforts

How do your individual sales reps spend their time? This is highly related to how successful they are. Use Sales Scorecards to determine whether your reps are making the most of their time, or if they need to refocus their efforts onto other, more effective, activities.




12. Community Leads Dashboard: Track leads by community

Finally, tracking your leads by community on a monthly basis will help you improve accountability. It will also provide a full yearly picture, so you can identify trends and patterns, within communities and across your organization as a whole.


There you have it -- 12 reports that will help drive your community to higher levels of success. To see these reports in action and learn more about how they can benefit you, request a demo of our EnquireLEADS CRM.

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