2015 Year in Review Senior Living Sales and Marketing Benchmarking Report Now Available

Our new annual Senior Living Sales and Marketing Benchmark report is now available for download. In it, you’ll find valuable sales and marketing benchmarks for independent living, assisted living, and memory care, gathered from hundreds of senior living communities.

Here are some of the questions this report will help you answer.

How are your appointment ratios?

Appointment Ratios

Memory care has the highest appointment ratio, while independent living has the lowest. Across all types of care, communities with call centers have higher appointment ratios than communities who field their own calls. In fact, memory care and independent living communities with call centers saw an increase of 21% and 22% in appointment ratios over other communities, respectively.


How many contacts does it take to make a sale?

Average contacts for a sale

This benchmark really brings home how important every touchpoint is in nurturing leads. For independent living communities, on average, it takes a whopping 19 points of contact to seal a deal. Even for the more urgent assisted living communities, it takes eight points of contact before a prospect moves in.


Which method of inquiry brings you the most leads and tours?

Tours by Inquiry Method

Across all care levels, call-ins generate more leads than web inquiries. They also generate more tours than both web touches and referrals. This benchmark data underscores how crucial it is for the staff that answers your phones to know their stuff.


Which marketing tactics get you the most leads?

Market Source Comparison

In just the past year, community websites and online directories have become more effective in bringing leads into senior living communities across all care levels. Traditional advertising has also become more effective since 2014. Referrals and signage are still strong tactics, though they have generated fewer leads of late.  


How can you use this information?

These are just a few examples of the many metrics in our latest benchmarking report. This data will help you compare your community to industry standards and see how you measure up. It can help guide your marketing and sales efforts, drive revenue allocation, and influence your staffing decisions.

  • If your call-ins aren’t seeing industry-standard conversion rates, you may want to consider implementing a call center.
  • If your sales cycle is much longer than average, you may want to take a closer look at your lead nurturing process.
  • If your sales staff is coming in below average on number of activities and calls made each week, you may consider spearheading new training initiatives.  

Looking for even more data? Download our 2015 Senior Living Sales and Marketing Benchmarking Report now.

Download the 2015 Year in Review Senior Living  Sales & Marketing Benchmark Report

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