3 CRM Predictions for 2016

CRM predictions

It's that time again! Time to start assessing developments over the past year and imagining what the next one might bring. Here are our three CRM predictions for 2016.

1. CRMs will become more flexible for greater customization

A one-size-fits-all CRM doesn’t exist. Each company is different, and the software they use needs to reflect that.

Currently, most CRMs are inflexible. They require clients to change their sales process to fit how the CRM works. If clients want customized options, like form fields and reports, it must be done on the vendor side (which takes time and costs money). In the coming year, we’ll see CRMs move toward greater flexibility, allowing clients to customize the software on their own. This will enable each client to create a tailored CRM experience based on their unique needs and on the sales processes already in place at their organization.

2. CRMs will focus on predictive analytics and using data to tell meaningful stories

CRMs collect a lot of data. But a CRM isn’t just a repository for data that just spits out reports -- ideally, it allows data to tell a story that will help sales directors determine who are the top prospects to target today, who will be the top prospects next week, and so on.

In 2016, the focus of CRM will be on how organizations can use the data they collect to turn leads into prospects and increase conversions. This will be accomplished via features like real-time reporting and data drill-downs that enable predictive analytics.

3. CRM will become more integrated with marketing automation software

The marriage of sales and marketing has always been a rocky one, but change is on the horizon. When CRM and marketing automation software work together, both sales teams and marketing teams can do their job better. This integration creates a feedback loop that can inform efforts on both sides.

For example, if you can tag marketing campaigns such as outreach events in your CRM, you can then calculate the ROI of those events to help determine where you should spend your marketing budget. On the flip side, marketing automation software can pass promising leads to sales teams immediately so that they can strike while the iron’s hot.

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