5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Senior Living Lead Management


You know that strong lead management is crucial to creating a thriving senior living community. Here are some common pitfalls to watch out for.

Neglecting your internet leads

Senior housing communities often overlook internet leads. Don’t neglect a lead because it came from a cold search or an online referral service. Since online shoppers have often done much of their homework before contacting you, these leads may be more qualified than you think. Capitalize on them.


With the internet, speed is key. 35 to 50% of sales go whoever responds first. Make a community-wide rule to respond to internet leads within no more than two hours. Within 15 minutes is ideal.

Forgetting about Google

Search engine results are often the first place where prospectives encounter your community online. To make sure your community is at the top of search results, focus on these three things:

Relying on voicemail

If your most urgent calls are coming in on Sunday afternoons and going straight to voicemail, you will lose leads.

Call centers are gold, both for capturing inquiries and for nurturing them into move-ins. A Senior Living SMART study found that call centers nurture more than four times the move-ins than communities alone. A well-trained call center, fully integrated into your CRM, gives you the Midas touch for capturing leads.

Letting leads languish in your CRM

Just because you’ve captured an inquiry, doesn’t mean your community is making the most of it. “When we’re looking in those [CRM] databases, we find that [about] 75% of senior living leads don’t have a next step scheduled to encourage people to move forward,” says Traci Bild, president of Bild & Company, a senior housing consulting firm. “A lot of people get entered into the CRM, and that’s it. The lead never moves forward.”

Capturing inquiries like a pro means making the most of them. Be sure your community has a structured plan for dealing with every inquiry, at every urgency level and stage of the sales cycle. Institute regular CRM check ups to make sure no leads have been ignored.

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