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Argentum (formerly ALFA) is America’s largest trade association dedicated to “professionally managed, resident-centered senior living communities.” Their website offers a rich variety of resources and support for senior living executives and professionals. Here are 10 you’ll want to check out:

Senior Living Executive Magazine

Published bi-monthly, and free to all senior living professionals, Senior Living Executive “covers the latest news in assisted living aimed at improving operational excellence in senior living care.” Have print copies delivered directly to your door, or flip through digital versions of current and archived issues.

Senior Living Marketing Planner

Argentum’s 4,000-member network offers planning resources and promotional support opportunities through conference sponsorship, publication advertising, and corporate partnerships. Find additional resources and exhibitor information on the ALFA 2016 conference website.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia News Aggregate

One of every 9 Americans age 65 or older is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. One in three Americans over 85 has it. Many more go undiagnosed, and many live in some kind of senior living community. Argentum’s aggregate page keeps track of the latest professional news and resources for Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Facts and Figures News Aggregate

This page on Argentum’s website keeps track of surveys, studies, and reports from the senior living industry. Most are from companies and organizations within the industry. They cover the latest statistics and trends in finance, technology, real estate, and memory care.

Federal Public Policy Updates

Although most of the assisted living sector is regulated at the state level, this page tracks federal bills and statutes affecting senior living providers and residents nationwide.

Assisted Living Regulations by State

This giant resource tracks regulations for assisted living licensing and operation, state by state. It maintains up-to-date links to help providers stay compliant with regulations in their state. Some information is available to members only.

Senior Living Tool Kits

This set of tool kits covers everything from labor unions to media relations to grassroots advocacy and green energy guides. All are free for Argentum members. Non-member prices range from $99 to $250. The 2014 Largest Providers report is free to anyone.

Assisted Living Evaluation Checklist

Although it’s listed under Consumer Resources, this checklist for evaluating assisted living communities is important for providers wondering what their prospects are looking for. Use it to anticipate questions and identify areas for improvement within your organization.

Executive Roundtables

Argentum’s Executive Roundtables are open by invitation only to seasoned senior living professionals, usually the senior-most executive in a specific function. Roundtables consist of 10 to 50 members and offer gateways to common solutions, best new practices, innovative thinking, and professional development. Face-to-face meetings happen in fall and spring (in conjunction with the Argentum Annual Senior Living Executive Conference) and by teleconference on single discussion topics throughout the year.

Senior Advisor’s Business Owner Blog

An outside resource recommended by Argentum, Senior Advisor’s Blog for Business Owners caters directly to daily concerns of senior living professionals.

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