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New Features Update: Integration, Two-Way Syncing, Customized Forms, and More

EnquireLEADS is full of helpful tools to keep you running at maximum efficiency. Read our latest product highlights below and check out our new
App and Help Centers.

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Is Your Senior Living Community Experiencing These Symptoms? A Call Center Can Help

Do you . . .

  • Lack programs to ensure sales inquiries are answered during nights and weekends?
  • Lack strategies to scale your sales and marketing team to meet community growth?
  • Lack transparency into your sales and marketing initiatives due to poor data entry and CRM compliance?
  • Lack consistent sales messaging across your portfolio of communities?
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Are You Missing Sales by Not Outsourcing to a Call Center?

Do you think that all call centers are created equal? Full of disinterested receptionists, just there for a job? Robo-dialers, calling without a purpose?

Forget your preconceived notions.

Call centers come in all shapes and sizes, and in senior living, a successful call center is an extension of your sales team. The reps are well-trained, committed employees who are knowledgeable about your community(s) and the importance of establishing an emotional connection with your prospective residents.

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Senior Living Sales Trends

The senior living industry is growing to meet the rapidly-changing demands of today’s market. Providers are adopting the latest technologies, paying close attention to the potential of data analytics, and developing new models for responsive, people-first customer service. Here are the sales trends shaping today’s senior living industry.

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How Your Senior Living Community Can Use Texting to Win

Despite the stereotypes, today’s seniors are far from Luddites.

The senior living industry is looking for new ways to respond to a market that is increasingly online and mobile. Adding text messaging into your senior living communication strategy can lead to big wins. Here’s how.

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Press Release: Enquire Solutions Partners with TextUs to Bring Industry-First Text Messaging Integration to Senior Living

Fastest-growing senior living CRM joins forces with leading two-way texting platform to power faster, more meaningful communication

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EnquireLEADS® vs. Salesforce Comparison Guide

Salesforce is a popular CRM that is widely used across industries. EnquireLEADS® is a powerful CRM designed for the senior living and healthcare industries. Both offer extensive cloud-based services, a powerful API facilitating a wide variety of integrations, customizable user interface, and time-saving workflow automation. Take a closer look at some of the differences between the two systems and learn why EnquireLEADS is the fastest-growing CRM for senior living and healthcare organizations.

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