Can Your CRM Do This? 5 Lead Tracking Features You Need

How much time does your sales staff spend with each prospective resident and their family? What kind of person is most likely to move into your community? How much does it cost to lead prospects down the path from inquiry to move-in?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, your CRM isn’t doing its job.

Accurate lead tracking is essential for you to optimize the efficiency of your sales process, increase your occupancy, and maximize your revenue. Here are five lead tracking features your CRM must have to work effectively for your community:

Time invested per lead

Track the number of touchpoints with each lead as well as the total time spent with each lead and their family. This allows you to analyze what sales activities and even which salespeople are most effective at turning prospects into residents.

Sales stage trends

Measure the average time it takes to move a prospect from inquiry to tour and from tour to move-in. This helps you plan for your future occupancy.

Cost per lead

Analyze your marketing campaigns to measure the average cost per lead and per move-in. This will help you identify and correct any organizational inefficiencies.

Lead scoring

Integrate your CRM with your marketing automation software to score your leads. This helps your salespeople identify the most engaged leads so they can better allocate their time.  

Lead profiling

Customize your forms to help you determine what type of person is most likely to move into your community. This will help you create marketing materials and lead nurturing campaigns targeted toward the leads most likely to convert.

EnquireLEADS is the fastest-growing CRM for senior living communities for a reason: it provides sales teams all of the tools they need to boost efficiency, occupancy, and revenue.

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