CRM Reports That Will Blow Your Mind!

Our new custom reports will help you identify key sales trends to improve your sales process. These reports were designed to help you make sense of your data. For example, you can now quickly create reports that let you identify which staff members close sales the fastest and then learn from their techniques. You can segment your move-ins by visit and close ratios and identify your most valuable market and referral sources. Plus, you can create your very own customized reports or access our library of over 50 reports.

Trend Reports

Compare Inquiry to Visit Conversion Times

View sales trends such as average time from inquiry to appointment/visit or visit to move in. Then view these stats month over month or year over year.
Lead Analysis Reports

Track Lost Leads by Custom Fields

Keep track of where lost leads are going and analyze your leads by different fields and types in your database.
Conversion Reports

Measure Close Ratios by Staff Member

Measure the appointment/ visit ratio and close ratio of your staff. Compare your conversion metrics month over month or changes from year to year.
Activity Reports

Track Activity for Your Staff

Keep up to date on your sales staff's activities and results. Create reports that show the number of touches for each prospect.
Inquiry Reports

View Daily Inquiry Reports

Measure how your inquiries are coming in and where they are coming from.
Inventory Reports

Check Your Inventory in Real-Time

Measure your move ins and move outs and net monthly census. Use charts to show your net census trends by month.
Waitlist Reports

Compare Waitlist Times Month over Month

Compare the amount of people on your waitlist(s) month over month. Quickly view waitlists by apartment preference or priority.
Transaction Reports

Track Deposits and Identify Trends

Measure the quantity or the total amount of deposits and other payments you are collecting by month, by quarter and/or by year.
Tour Reports

See Which Months Have the Most Tours

Compare tour volume year over year or month over month by user, care level, etc.

And Many More!

Maintain Quality Control Over Your Leads

Stay in the know about how many leads are being marked as lost or inactive each day or month.

Compare Referral Source Conversion

Run reports on how much outreach your staff is completing and how that relates to a referral source's conversion.

Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Campaigns

Compare the ROI of different marketing tactics to make strategic marketing decisions and save money.

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