EnquireLEADS® CRM Gets a New Look!

You may have noticed a change when you logged in to EnquireLEADS® today. This morning we released a major set of user experience enhancements for all of our customers in the U.S. and Canada.

New User Interface

Most noticeably is the ability to flip to the new look of EnquireLEADS®. The new user interface eliminates the need to refresh and reload pages helping improve speed and efficiency when navigating the program.

All of the prospect’s detailed information is still located in the profile, but now you can quickly get a holistic view of a profile without having to click through a number of tabs. The goal of this new look is to allow users to access, input and update information faster. The new look allows users to edit fields with the click of a button or touch of a tablet/phone screen, so that information can be gathered and recorded on the fly.

The release includes:
  • Collapsible menu on the left to improve system navigation on your smartphone or tablet
  • Quick-add individual control to add prospects, residents, contacts and referral sources on-the-go
  • Zillow® plug-in to view current home or rental market value
  • In-line editing capability allowing users to make edits on the prospect, resident, referral or contact summary page without reloading the screen
  • Responsive user interface design allowing EnquireLEADS® to automatically configure and scale its layout to best fit your web browser size
  • Topic jump ahead buttons which increases the speed of entering data
  • Automatically generated sales stage progress bar for each profile
  • Activity history timeline for each profile
  • Customized fields that provide companies the ability to modify terminology in EnquireLEADS®

This release is just the beginning in a series of planned and in-development enhancements to the EnquireLEADS® suite of services, in addition to other new products that will be coming out. We plan to roll-out new releases with additional enhancements just about every 2-3 weeks.


New features in upcoming releases include:
  • Customizable workflows and forced activities will allow companies the ability to design their own tailored approach to scheduling next-steps and follow-up
  • New quick-add activity box for easy to create activities and follow-up
  • Mass email capability will provide users the ability to send single or mass emails through EnquireLEADS®. Users can save multiple templates such as appointment confirmations and thank you emails
  • Integrated marketing automation to connect marketing and sales efforts
  • New customized report engine coming January 1, 2015!
    1. Census Reports: move-in/move-out trend report by month, occupancy, inventory, deposit and waitlist
    2. Sales Activity Reports: activity summary, activity report and activity results
    3. Marketing Reports: referral reports, market source reports and marketing campaign reports
    4. Conversion Reports: sales conversion by individual, care type and lead type
    5. Lead Analysis Reports: lost leads, sales stage and care type
    6. Productivity and Trend Reports: sales productivity and sales trend analysis
    7. Custom Reports: on-demand reports for your business needs

I am interested in hearing your feedback, and can be reached via email at support@enquiresolutions.com, or by phone at 855-808-4655.

I hope you enjoy this new EnquireLEADS® release.

Best regards,

Erin Hayes
Chief Information Officer
Enquire Solutions


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