Falls Prevention Resources for Senior Living and Healthcare

Some startling statistics from the CDC:

  • About one-third of people over 65 fall each year. Less than half of these tell their doctor!
  • Every year, falls cause 2.5 million older people to go to the emergency room and more than 700,000 to become hospitalized.
  • Falls cause more than 95% of hip fractures.
  • Once someone has fallen, they are twice as likely to fall again.

Scary, huh? Even scarier is the fact that since 2000 the number of seniors who die from fall injuries has doubled. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help prevent falls in your senior living communities and healthcare facilities. Here are 13 resources to get you started.

National Council on Aging: Falls Prevention Resources

AgingCare.com: 6 Things That Cause the Elderly to Fall

  • The most common factors that contribute to falls among the elderly, including a lack of physical activity and impaired vision
  • Steps caregivers can take to prevent falls, such as installing safety bars, improving lighting, and installing fall mats in critical areas

A Place for Mom: Top 5 Ways to Reduce Falls in Senior Living Communities

  • A summary of fall prevention tips from the ALFA 2012 Expo Conference session “Translating Research into Practice: Implementing Comprehensive Fall Management Across the Care Continuum”

VA National Center for Patient Safety: Falls Toolkit

  • Resources for starting and measuring the success of a falls prevention program
  • Videos including “Performing a Balance Assessment”
  • Decision trees
  • Case studies
  • Questionnaires
  • Podcasts

Morse Fall Scale for Senior Living and Healthcare

Minnesota Falls Prevention: Risk Factor Assessment Tools

  • Gait and Balance Assessment
  • Fear of Falling Assessment
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Depression Assessment
  • Environmental Assessment Checklist
  • Assessment of the Hospitalized Patient
  • Research on Assessment Tools

CDC Train: STEADI: Older Adult Fall Prevention

  • An elearning module designed for healthcare providers and others who see adults 65+ in clinical practice
  • Materials for older adult patients

CDC: Preventing Falls: A Guide to Implementing Effective Community-Based Fall Prevention Programs

  • A how-to guide for planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating a fall prevention program

CDC: Falls in Nursing Homes

  • An overview of the problem of falls in nursing homes and a list of research-backed fall interventions

CDC: Check for Safety: A Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults

  • Downloadable checklist for assessing fall risks in every room of the house

NCAL: A Conversation about Falls in Assisted Living

  • A two-page fact sheet for families of seniors in assisted living communities

Center for Excellence in Assisted Living: Fall Prevention and Management

  • Abstracts from nine research articles on falls in senior living and healthcare facilities

ATrain Education: Balance, Posture Control, and Falls in Older Adults

  • A continuing education course approved for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants in California and New York; materials available online for free

Visit our Resources Page for more resources including benchmarking reports and regulatory information for senior living and healthcare facilities.


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