Is Your Call Center Nurturing Your Leads?

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Despite an overwhelming increase in email and internet-based communication, senior living communities continue, by far, to receive most inquiries by phone. On average, across all levels of care, over 50% of leads come in by phone. How do you ensure your call center staff is nurturing leads?

Teach them well

Make sure your call center staff are experts in senior living and enthusiastic about your community. Be sure they can speak knowledgeably about the ways your community outperforms local competitors. To do this, your training must be consistent and ongoing, and your call center must be committed and engaged.  

  • Establish an initial training protocol for all call center staff to make sure everyone starts off on the right foot
  • Make community updates, such as newsletters and press releases, required reading for all those who answer your phones
  • Hold regular refresher courses to ensure call center staff remains engaged and on-point

Encourage strong follow through

Follow up is crucial in turning those inquiries into satisfied residents. In a recent survey of 55 senior continuing care communities, over 50% failed to follow up on an initial contact. Across all industries, only 27% of leads are ever contacted.

Don’t be a statistic! Encourage your call center to:

Be prompt

The single most important factor in lead conversion is speed of follow-up. Every minute counts. Conversion rates improve by 391% over average if a lead is contacted within the first minute after inquiry. It dwindles down to just a 17% boost if contact is made within the first 24 hours.

Those calling also tend to need answers urgently. For senior living communities, 28% of calls are from folks looking for a residence in the next 30 days.

Personalize It

An adult child of a senior is going to need different attention than the senior themselves. Provide your agents with customizable call scripts based on your top customer personas.

Encourage your agents to pay attention to details, such as relevant health issues, former occupations, and number of grandkids. Remind your call center employees to remain sensitive to the unique needs of those seeking senior care.

Be persistent

A successful move-in requires 15 to 20 personal contacts. Yet, in general, 44% of salespeople give up after just one. Your call center staff is not just making a sale. It’s helping you to begin a relationship. Encourage staff to connect, educate, and engage over multiple calls.

Integrate your call center with your CRM

To fully understand how effective your call center is at nurturing leads, you need data. CRM integration with your call center empowers you to look behind the curtain. With individualized marketing phone numbers, you can track lead progress based on how they came to connect with your community. Understand precisely when you’re leaking leads and when you’re signing deals.

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