Is Your Senior Living Community Experiencing These Symptoms? A Call Center Can Help


Do you . . .

  • Lack programs to ensure sales inquiries are answered during nights and weekends?
  • Lack strategies to scale your sales and marketing team to meet community growth?
  • Lack transparency into your sales and marketing initiatives due to poor data entry and CRM compliance?
  • Lack consistent sales messaging across your portfolio of communities?
  • Lack sufficient staff to ensure all sales inquiries are captured when you’re conducting a marketing campaign?
  • Experience high turnover in your salespeople?

Do your salespeople . . .

  • Get distracted from sales activities by daily community tasks?
  • Have insufficient time to answer every phone call or web inquiry?
  • Struggle to respond to web inquiries within 15 minutes?
  • Struggle to answer every call from a prospect within three rings?
  • Struggle to provide consistent follow-up with prospects who are "not ready"?
  • Struggle with managing RSVPs to community events?
  • Have insufficient time to call prospects in advance of a community event to drive traffic?
  • If you checked off some of these boxes, perhaps it's time to consider outsourcing some or all of your sales inquiries to a call center.

For info on how a call center can help you capture every sale, every time, check out Are You Missing Sales by Not Outsourcing to a Call Center?

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