New Features Update: Sticky Notes, Mail Merge, Last Modified Search, Unit Search and More

EnquireLEADS is full of helpful features to keep you running at maximum efficiency. Read our latest product highlights below, and check out our 
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Sticky Notes

Have you ever wanted to comment on a lead and ensure your team member gets it? Are you a regional with new users that need coaching? Use our new sticky notes feature to pin your note to the top of the profile. This alerts the user who is assigned the profile in the top bar (bell with red notification) so that they are prompted to look at your note.


Last Modified Search

In the advanced search there is a new option under the default form called "Last Modified." This allows you to pull criteria based on the last modified date of an individual. Use this to pull lost leads for the month or even individuals who are hot that haven't been modified this month.


Unit Search

When adding a housing contract or residence, the unit dropdown is now searchable. Just start typing the number to find the correct unit. Additionally, color-coding tells you if the unit is currently occupied (red), vacant (green) or pending (yellow). 



Activity Phone Numbers

We added a line item in each activity for the lead's phone number. This way you can easily make calls right from your dashboard without clicking into a profile.



Mail Merge

Easily add documents and merge individuals and lists into your templates. This can be anything form contracts to name tags and address labels. 




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