Senior Living Sales Trends

bigstock-Business-man-climbing-up-on-ha-80507984.jpgThe senior living industry is growing to meet the rapidly-changing demands of today’s market. Providers are adopting the latest technologies, paying close attention to the potential of data analytics, and developing new models for responsive, people-first customer service. Here are the sales trends shaping today’s senior living industry.

Multiple, integrated communication platforms

Gone are the days when seniors opt out of the Digital Revolution. Older adults are increasingly joining their juniors online and on their smartphones.

This means it’s more important than ever to focus your energies on digital platforms and to create fully integrated marketing and sales strategies. No single channel will fulfill your communities’ needs.


Adults over 65 are the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. Your future residents use these platforms to stay in touch with their family and friends, to engage with cultural moments, to be entertained, and to research businesses. They also use social to learn about senior living communities.

Make sure your social media presence tells the story of who your community is.

  • Use a consistent voice across all platforms to showcase your community’s values and strengths.
  • Provide engaging content that educates and delights potential residents.
  • Keep your followers up-to-date on your community activities, such as events, talks, and open houses.
  • Connect with other organizations and individuals within the senior living industry. Give your prospects a sense of your place within a larger network.

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Seven out of ten seniors have a cell phone, and slightly more than half of Baby Boomers say their mobile phone is the most important shopping research tool. Online shoppers expect a site that’s mobile optimized, so get your community website ready for the small screen.

  • Write short, snappy sentences and paragraphs.
  • Design simple, spacious pages with one or two key images.
  • Test the mobile-friendliness of your site by visiting it on different devices.
  • Connect your site to all your social platforms and make sure your content is easy to share.

Another way to harness the power of mobile for sales is to try texting your prospects. Seniors text more often than ever before. And since they’re already researching your community on their phones, texting rounds out your communication toolbox.

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Call centers

Though seniors and their adult children may start their searches online, calls are still the primary way prospects contact senior living communities.

A call center can:

  • Make sure a trained, dedicated professional is there to answer the phones when your sales team can’t be.
  • Nurture leads so they’re sales-ready for your in-house team.
  • Answer web queries, emails, and text messages promptly, making sure a lead never languishes unanswered.

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Mastering both traditional and new forms of outreach while maintaining a cohesive communication strategy is essential for success in senior living. A CRM integrates communication across multiple platforms and streamlines data collection.

With a responsive CRM, you can:

  • Collect data from all prospect touches, whether they come in via phone, text, email, or the web.
  • Gain insight deeper insight into the demographics and behavior of your customer base.
  • Boost your outreach efforts by syncing your CRM with your marketing automation suite.

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Data-driven decisions

Today’s hyper-connected market moves at the speed of the Internet. In fact, 79% of decision-makers say that the window to make decisions has gotten smaller in recent years. A speedy, adaptable, on-point sales strategy runs on good data.

Not only does a CRM integrate all of your outreach initiatives, it also helps you make the data-driven decisions your community needs to succeed.

With the right CRM, you can:

  • Analyze your sales strategy to determine what efforts are most successful and what resources can be better allocated.
  • Track sales activity and gain insight into which team members are connecting best with prospects and who may need more training.
  • Tell a story with your data. From the profile of your typical resident to your occupancy fluctuations over time, these stories underpin strong decision making.

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Meaningful connections

In the midst of all this technology and data, a human connection is more important than ever.

Your prospects want connection. They want a sense that there’s someone there on the other side of the webpage or phone -- someone who will take care of their mom when she’s fallen in the middle of the night, someone who will be attentive to their grandmother’s suggestions.

What senior living prospects are looking for -- beyond a beautiful new home, a variety of amenities, and strong wellness programs -- is a sense of who your community is.

  • Who are the people that make your community?
  • What is your community culture?
  • What does your community value?

These are the questions that can only be answered with personal contact. They’re answered in the dedicated way your sales team leads tours, their kindness when they respond to questions,  and their compassion when they explain the medical services your community provides.

To be responsive to this need, senior living community leaders need to make sure that the people who answer their phones, emails, and web queries represent their community well. These are the faces and voices that greet your future residents. Your staff should connect not just with lists of amenities, facts, and figures, but with patient listening, compassion, and insight.

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