6 Key Metrics to Succeed in 2018/Part 2: The Strategy Review


In this two-part series on strategizing 2018 sales, we will be reflecting on last year’s wins and losses and considering our strategic approach to the future. You may have expanded your profile and acquired or launched new locations or business lines. Perhaps adversity defined your year with massive staff changes, census decline, or worse. Regardless of the outcome of 2017, the good news is that you are here TODAY. Like the ancient proverb says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Take a minute to fill out the questionnaire as a guide to the following article. The evaluation in this series is meant to help you identify the issues that exist within your organization and while simultaneously helping you to set expectations and succeed in hitting your goals. Without measuring where you are and where you have been, you are blindly reaching for success that will most likely always be out of your reach. Take the time to reflect on these metrics and measurements as they can help you take your agency to the next level and beyond.

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6 Key Metrics to Succeed in 2018 Part 2: The Strategy Review

In the first part of this series, we focused on evaluating your target goals, the numbers you achieved, and the turnover causalities of the previous year. These numbers give you a snapshot of the previous year’s achievements. In part 2, we are going to review the strategy you have in place to drive business to your facility or services.

Referring Partners

Where is your business coming from? Discharge planners, online inquiries, and family/friend recommendations drive a great deal of our business. The secret that savvy leaders have already identified however, is that partnering with other senior focused providers can dramatically increase your census numbers. If you are an assisted living facility, you should partner with an independent facility to maximize client referrals. If you are a private duty agency, you should partner with a home health agency to ensure that you can create synergy among shared patients. Even skilled nursing facilities can partner with other post-acute organizations to prevent needless readmissions and ensure that they are providing the best outcomes for their patients. Creating mutually beneficial relationships is the key to next-level continuous growth.

When you partner with other providers, keep in mind that this partnership is something that must be monitored, marketed to, and maintained like any other referral source. So many times a company partners with a like-minded senior care organization, but they do not see any fruits from their efforts. You have to put time into these things to see results. Set up monthly meetings, send cards on holidays, and make sure all the key players in both organizations know about the synergy you are trying to create. If owners of two companies have forged a great relationship, but their intake departments, salespeople, and receptionists do not know their responsibility to refer, you shouldn’t expect the partnership to be beneficial to anyone.


Reputation is one of the hardest areas to measure. After all, no one sets out to have a bad reputation and it is rare that an unfriendly individual actually sees anything wrong with the way they act. If you have a good reputation, you will get more business. You will also find yourself getting more invites to participate in community events, more relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and find yourself firmly seated in the continuum of care. If you are not engaged in the community, not participating in local events, do not have relationships with other senior care providers and ultimately do not hear praise from your referral sources and clients, you may have a reputation issue.

Gaining a good reputation comes from more than just doing a good job and being reliable. While that is a vital component and it is much harder to rise above your competitors with a bad reputation, being accessible boosts your company visibility. That is why having great salespeople is so important. When they do a good job, you can focus more on maintaining the business and less on the outbound relationship building. It is important to keep in mind that no matter how good your sales team is, some people just want to know the top brass. It feeds their self-perception and many times a hospital CEO or a company owner would rather know another CEO or owner than one of their sales people. Be accessible, even if you are not always available.


Lastly, let’s talk about your message. You want to be successful in the upcoming year and no doubt you are reading this article to help refine your process to achieve that success. Brand message is one of the most underrated tools in your growth arsenal. When you can build a message that actually matters to your referral sources and your clients, you can start to get them to believe in your organization and what you do. The trick to this is outlined in Simon Sinek’s Start with, “Why,” where he talks about building a message around why you do what you do. When you have that message in place and you believe that message, you can start to get others to believe in it to.

What is your message? Do you feel like it’s a promise you can deliver or an ideal that you can aspire to? You may feel like it is the very heart of your business, but are you sure your employees feel the same way? Imagine I have a company called 123 Homecare (Assisted Living/Therapy Providers, etc..) and our message was “Care as easy as 123!” Then, when you call, no one ever answers the phone, or the intake process is done via fax and it becomes difficult to send a client/patient/resident to the organization. The message actually becomes a liability as every time a potential referral source sees it, they will think how that statement is a lie and it’s hard to send you a client. You should, of course, always ensure that your process is as simple and straightforward as possible and if you are having trouble getting phones answered, reach out to Enquire as we can certainly help. At the end of the day, when you make a brand statement or promise and fail, it hurts your credibility. When you make a brand promise and succeed, trust is formed and eventually it leads to a growth in census and those goals become easier to obtain.

Conclusion to Part 2: The Strategy Review

In this article, we covered the evaluation of strategic approach to your market. Who you work with, how you are perceived, and the message you promote are all vehicles to drive business growth and come from a core belief that you are a viable option for seniors in your community. Depending on the business line you currently work with, you could easily find other defining metrics, but for the purpose of evaluating your sales and outreach efforts this article is a solid starting point.

If you are unable to truly grasp these metrics or are using a CRM that makes gaining this information challenging let’s set up a call to discuss. Our team will gladly discuss the needs of your organization and help point you in a direction that will lead to your organization’s success, sign up for a DEMO today or contact me, Jason Lewallen, at jason.lewallen@enquiresolutions.com and we can set up a time to connect.


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