The ABCs of SEO for Senior Living Communities


60% of all search engine clicks go to the top three organic results. That's why it's essential that you come out on top. Here are some tips on search engine optimization (SEO) for your senior living website.

Determining your keywords

Keywords are an important aspect of SEO. What are the natural search phrases that drive online shoppers to your community website?

Start where you are

When sussing out your keywords, it’s important to start with the info you already have. Your current website gives you a wealth of data about what language will naturally lead to your community. Look through your existing copy and see what patterns emerge. What words or phrases do you use most frequently?

Think local

Don’t forget to make your keywords location-specific. It’s much easier to reach the top of Google results for “Anaheim senior living community” than for senior living communities nationwide.

Use a keyword tool

Keyword tools are useful in discovering what search phrases are trending. Your CRM will help you understand what search strings drive potential residents to you. There are also tools to help you identify the best keywords, such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner,, and SEO Chat’s Keyword Suggest Tool.

However, don’t overdo it! Search engines have become increasingly anti-spammer. Loading your site with keywords at the cost of meaning and value will push you further down the results list.

Prioritize valuable content

Make sure your site is jam-packed with valuable content that provides relevant info to those browsing your site. You can use your keyword research to better understand what content interests potential residents.

When it comes to content, the more, the merrier: The average content length for a web page that ranks in the top 10 results for any keyword on Google is more than 2,000 words.

Growing your online connections

SEO is not all about what you have on your website. Credibility and online connections play a big part in determining what sites the search engines value.

  • Be social: Connect on social media to influencers in senior living. Comment on blog posts and on your feeds. Share followers’ content. Put networking back into the social network.
  • Mind your backlinks: The more your site is mentioned on the internet, the better you’ll come in on search results.
  • Share that content: Share your content far and wide. The more it’s picked up and spread across the internet, the more your online presence grows.  

Mobile optimization matters

Google made waves last year when it changed its search engine algorithm to favor mobile-optimized sites. To land one of those coveted top three search hits spots, it’s imperative that your site is mobile-optimized.

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