Top News Stories in Senior Living Management - May 2015


ALFA Releases New Labor Relations Tool Kit

ALFA is doing their best to aid senior living companies in navigating labor laws and regulation. This month, they released a revised edition of their Labor Relations Tool Kit, a resource that is free to ALFA members. The tool kit includes information on maintaining positive employee relations, resident services, and other information that human resources and senior living professionals will find useful.

Source: ALFA. ALFA Unveils Newly Revised Labor Relations Tool Kit

Research Shows Data Breach, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Top Concerns for Senior Living

The 2015 Management Liability Trends for Senior Living Communities study, by Professional Risk Solutions, found that senior living companies are investing heavily in data breach and Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) insurance. Professional Risk Solutions CEO De’Andre Salter suggested that the insurance buying habits reflect a growing concern with risk protection.

Source: Business Wire. New Research: D&O and Data Breach Top Insurance Trends for Senior Living Facilities

Investment in Senior Housing Shifting to Smaller Deals

Real estate investors continue to see senior housing as a good bet, but according to an article in Senior Housing News, the way they approach those investments may be shifting from large portfolio deals to smaller ones. REITs in particular may be starting to look for multiple smaller portfolio or single-asset acquisitions as opposed to focusing solely on multi-billion dollar ones.

More about senior living real estate investment:

Source: Senior Housing News. Moving the Needle: REITs Adapt to New Senior Housing Era

Senior Living Search Trends Suggest Misunderstanding About Options

New data from Google Trends shows that while people are searching online for senior living, they may not be searching for the right things. Between January 2013 and April 2015, there were more than twice as many searches for “nursing home” as for “assisted living.” According to’s Katie Roper, this trend may indicate the need for more advanced care services, but it could also be that searchers aren’t aware of the different options available.

Source: Senior Housing News. Inside the Senior Living Search Misnomer

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