Join us for our new upcoming webinar: How Contact Centers Increase Occupancy in Senior Housing

November 16 at 11:30 AM CT


Enquire will be hosting a webinar to highlight best practices you can follow to drive occupancy using technology and resources dedicated to the Senior Housing industry. During this webinar, you will hear from two members of Enquire’s leadership team, Nick Hayes, Chief Operations Officer, and Charles Brubaker, Vice President of Strategy, as they discuss the following topics: 

Status Quo vs Outsouce

Speed to Lead

The Balancing Act

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"Is there a way to increase occupancy without breaking the bank?"

You're not alone, others are asking themselves that very question.  Many senior housing and healthcare organizations are seeking scalable solutions to address the staffing challenges using resources like contact centers, online chat, webforms, referrals, and other inquiry sources.  You too can take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies along with resources dedicated to this industry.


The WEBINAR will highlight three key areas:

Status Quo vs Outsource - Build your own vs. The scalability that comes with an outsourced partner.

Speed to Lead - Strategies around online chat, digital lead sources and directories.

The Balancing Act - Balancing the need for solid sales strategies, revenue generation and organizational culture.

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We know you're curious about our contact center solutions which include: calls, online chat, webforms, referral management and more...  

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Nick Hayes

Chief Operations Officer

Nick is responsible for establishing Enquire's internal operational procedures which offer our clients world class customer service and success enabling tools. His leadership establishes a culture of excellence for employees ensuring first class training, quality assurance, and client interface.


Charles Brubaker

Vice President of Strategy

Charles' role is to partner with executive leadership in order to make sound and timely business decisions.  Whether that be aligning employee resources with the greatest opportunities, improving performance through better processes, technology, and strategy, or shifting company culture around new paradigms.  The goal is to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on strategic actions and employees… ultimately generating positive organizational results.