Why We Founded Enquire Solutions and What Makes Us Different

I knew there was something missing in the senior living industry after I helped my 83-year-old grandmother search for her new home.

We called five senior living communities and not a single one called back.

Unfortunately, this probably doesn’t surprise you. Not answering the phone is a well-known problem that’s been empirically validated: in a mystery shop survey of 55 continuing care retirement communities, over 50% failed to follow up on an initial contact

Our goal in founding Enquire Solutions was to help communities connect with their prospects so other families wouldn’t have to experience the same frustration and anxiety as we did. It’s already a difficult time for a family, and not being able to reach someone who can help guide you through the process makes it even worse.

That’s why we created a call center that is 100% focused on helping senior living communities get seniors and their families the information they need while fostering the relationships they want.

Here’s what makes Enquire Solutions different.

Our call center staff are trained just like in-house staff.

The folks who answer our phones are trained with the same process for discovery and messaging as a community’s in-house sales staff. We aren't a room full of 1,000 people taking any call that comes in. Our clients each have a dedicated team that handles their community(s).

We even share pictures and biographies of the call center team with our clients and provide them with direct contact information. This establishes a human connection between the call center staff and community staff and promotes a sense of teamwork.  

Many providers don’t even think of us as a call center -- they consider us the Denver branch of their sales team.

We teach all of our employees that quality conversations are paramount. We roleplay common call scenarios, talk through best practices, and give staff meaningful feedback to make sure every employee’s work is aligned with the community’s standards.

Our call center is responsive.

No senior should ever feel ignored. As my mom says, “I instantly think, if you can’t rely on a community to return your call, how can you trust them to take care of your mom?”

The goal of our call center is to provide prospective residents with an amazing customer service experience and a great first impression.  We make sure that someone caring and knowledgeable is there whenever a potential resident picks up the phone, submits a web inquiry, or writes an email to your community.

Our staff returns calls and web queries promptly, and all follow-up is personalized and meaningful. These aren’t robo-dialers catching seniors unawares. They’re dedicated people who provide seniors and their adult children with the resources they need to make difficult decisions.

With each outreach, with each touch, our staff seeks to provide value and make personal connections.

And it pays off. In our recent benchmarking report, across all care levels, communities with call centers achieved higher appointment ratios than those without. In particular, memory care and independent living communities with call centers have 21% and 22% higher appointment ratios than those without call centers.

Our call center is audited and analyzed.

Our call center never runs on autopilot. We check in on progress and perform regular quality assessments to ensure that all staff members adhere to training guidelines and community standards.

We also check in with our communities to examine wins and challenges. We meet weekly with communities our call center supports, to analyze sales trends, search for areas to improve, and gather crucial community feedback.

We draw on the broad knowledge base that comes from working with many different communities across all care levels. This informs our quarterly feedback, in which we highlight successes and recommend improvements. We ensure that our call center is always responsive to every community’s changing needs.

Our call center is staffed by real people who care.

Most importantly, our call center is staffed by real people. Real people who care about the desired lifestyle of each senior who calls your community. Real people who share stories, provide invaluable information, and guide seniors through the sometimes scary process of finding a new home.


Meet Julie

Enquire Solutions Team Lead 


Julie has been with Enquire for 4 years and is now a Team Lead. Her empathy for seniors and love of listening makes her a great leader and a perfect fit for our culture.

Julie came to Enquire from retail customer service, and she has many years of experience helping others determine what they need and solving their problems. She is also a quick study of our clients’ cultures. She visits many communities and is a great sounding board for them because of her vast experience listening closely to what they and their prospects want.

In our recent poll of staff hobbies, Julie wrote, “Mainly, I enjoy good food, quality time with family and friends, and laughs."


It’s the human touch that makes our call center so successful. Our call center staff makes personal connections that help families like mine make the best choices for their loved ones.

The process of searching for a senior living community is tough -- it’s tough for the seniors and it’s tough for their families. At Enquire Solutions, our goal is to provide communities with the support they need to make the process a little easier and less scary for everyone involved.

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