3 Tips for Successful Senior Living Marketing

Senior living marketing is a new game. In the past, traditional advertising methods would do the trick. But now there are many more options available and your customers are becoming better informed. Not to mention that digital has taken over.

Here are three tips for successfully marketing your senior living community in this new era of increased competition and digital overload.

Be authentic

Being authentic means being real and honest. And let’s face it, those aren’t words people typically associate with marketing. But as our world moves more toward the digital, authenticity becomes more important. First, you need to give prospective residents a reason to connect with your community, which you aren’t going to do with “corny stock photos” or canned sales messages. Second, if you aren’t authentic, the word will get out, damaging your reputation.

Ways to be authentic with your senior living marketing:

  • Define your goals and your vision. Make sure everyone in the company understands them and that all of your marketing efforts reflect them.
  • Get to know your prospects and your customers. When you talk to a prospect on the phone or conduct a tour, don’t just talk at them. Ask them about their needs and concerns. This will show you care, and it will also help you develop marketing campaigns and sales processes that resonate with your audience.
  • Keep your promises. If your marketing materials promise an unparalleled resident experience, make sure you provide an unparalleled resident experience.
  • Respond to your reviews. Online comments and reviews are one of the first things your prospects may read about you. They won’t just be reading the reviews; they’ll also be paying attention to how you respond to them. If a customer praises you for something, thank them for it. If you make a mistake, admit it and fix it. Here are three tools to help you manage your online reputation.

Be informative

Marketing today is less about sales and more about information. That’s because information is what sells.

Your website should be the information hub for your community. It should provide the information prospective residents and their family caregivers need to make a good decision. Your website should also provide a taste of what it’s like to live in your community. Put your calendar online and post photos of events. These things will help prospective residents picture themselves living at your community, which will translate into more inquiries and tours.

For more website help, check out 3 Tips to Turn Senior Housing Websites into Lead-Generating Machines at Senior Housing News.

Be available

Finally, be available. Digital marketing is a fast-moving beast. It isn’t like an ad in a magazine that you buy and then forget about. Marketing today is all about engagement it’s a conversation. If a prospect has a question and sends a Facebook or Twitter message to five different communities, but only one community responds, guess who’s going to get first crack at turning that prospect into a customer?

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