5 Simple Ways Senior Living Executives Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Happy senior citizens

Customer satisfaction (i.e., keeping both residents and their families happy) is your key to getting referrals, improving your online reputation, and achieving high occupancy rates. Based on recent findings from an assisted living study by My Innerview, here are five simple strategies for five-star customer satisfaction ratings.

Focus on safety

The My Innverview survey found that safety is one of the top drivers of satisfaction among assisted living residents and their families. Many senior living providers are turning to technology -- such as wireless monitoring devices -- as a way to boost resident safety and security. But even smaller changes can make a big difference. Here are three you can make today:

  • Rearrange living spaces so that daily tasks can be completed with minimal effort.
  • Make sure the lighting in your personal and common spaces is set at optimal levels.
  • Provide exercise programs to help minimize fall risk.

The safer your residents and their families feel, the happier they will be. It’s as simple as that.

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Be responsive to residents’ needs

Resident satisfaction is greatly affected by the responsiveness of management. Being responsive means listening to your residents, answering their questions and acknowledging the concerns, and, above all, being respectful. Basically, just make sure your management treats your residents like people, not merely occupants.

Make your community feel like home

Comfort and a homey feeling round out the top three factors that contribute to customer satisfaction. Encourage your residents to customize their apartments by decorating or even painting the walls. Make sure your common areas feel like comfortable living spaces, not sterile or clinical environments. This may sound like a large undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be -- color (e.g., art, paint, fresh flowers) and appropriate lighting can make a world of difference.

Offer better food

Both residents and their families rate appeal of food as an area that doesn’t live up to their expectations. Residents also want more variety.

Appealing, interesting food isn’t a lot to ask for. Review your dining options to see where you can inject a little pizzazz. For some ideas, check out these emerging trends in senior dining experience from Livistry.

Provide more storage

Does this one come as a surprise? It’s another top area of resident dissatisfaction.

Moving from a house to a senior living community often requires major downsizing. You can make this transition easier by providing more storage space so that your residents don’t feel like they have to get rid of all of their belongings just yet.

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