7 Ways to Capitalize on Online Leads in Senior Living

Do you get leads from your website? Once those leads come in, how do you handle them? Do you do whatever it takes to qualify those leads and convert them into appointments and move-ins? Or do you ignore them and figure that, if they’re really interested, they’ll call?

If you answered the latter, you aren’t alone. Sales expert Ken Krogue estimates that companies waste about 71% of their Internet leads. For senior living communities, especially those that haven’t yet fully transitioned into the digital space, that number is probably higher.

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3 Software Tools to Manage Your Senior Living Community’s Reputation

Prospective customers check you out online before contacting you. Your residents and employees talk to residents and employees at other communities. Referrals make up a significant proportion of your sales. For all of these reasons and more, your senior living community’s reputation is important.

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How to Avoid Losing Residents by Improving Customer Satisfaction

With the growing number of choices seniors have for housing and long-term care, keeping residents -- and their families -- happy is key to any community’s success. Here are five ways senior living providers can improve customer satisfaction to avoid losing residents to the competition.

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Top News Stories in Senior Living Management - May 2015

ALFA Releases New Labor Relations Tool Kit

ALFA is doing their best to aid senior living companies in navigating labor laws and regulation. This month, they released a revised edition of their Labor Relations Tool Kit, a resource that is free to ALFA members. The tool kit includes information on maintaining positive employee relations, resident services, and other information that human resources and senior living professionals will find useful.

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