Your Must-Know Guide to RCFE Licensure and Regulations in California

If you want to own and operate a senior care facility in California, you must be licensed by the state. This post describes the process for obtaining Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) licensure.

What is an RCFE?

RCFEs are unique to California. They provide seniors with care, supervision, and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing and grooming. RCFEs may also provide incidental medical services under special care plans.

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3 CRM Predictions for 2016

It's that time again! Time to start assessing developments over the past year and imagining what the next one might bring. Here are our three CRM predictions for 2016.

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5 Simple Ways Senior Living Executives Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction (i.e., keeping both residents and their families happy) is your key to getting referrals, improving your online reputation, and achieving high occupancy rates. Based on recent findings from an assisted living study by My Innerview, here are five simple strategies for five-star customer satisfaction ratings.

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Top News Stories in Senior Living Management - October 2015

CBRE Reports Senior Housing Market Strong

Senior housing ROI surpasses that of other major real estate property types, according to a new report by CBRE National Senior Housing. The report looked at things like capitalization rates and investment returns and concluded that senior housing’s strong performance may be attributed to an increased risk that brings increased reward. The report also notes that, unlike other markets, senior housing experiences continuous rent growth despite fluctuations in the general economy.

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What's Your Senior Living Sales and Marketing Grade?

Are you doing all of the right things to put your company on the road to sales and marketing success? Download your free Senior Living Sales and Marketing Report Card to grade yourself on:

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