12 Reports Your Senior Living Community Needs

How the Right Dashboards Drive Your Community Forward

Reports are arguably the most important part of your CRM. They help you gain a more accurate view of your organization, on a macro level (whether you are hitting your monthly/quarterly/yearly goals) and on a micro level (e.g., which salespeople are performing the best).

This article shows you 12 EnquireLEADS reports that provide the real-time information you need to make the right decisions for your community. The first two let you instantly see the big picture of what’s happening in your communities. The next 10 dig deeper so you can the various smaller factors that are contributing to that big picture.

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Senior Living Lead Management

You know that strong lead management is crucial to creating a thriving senior living community. Here are some common pitfalls to watch out for.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Going Mobile for Senior Living Communities

There’s a mobile revolution going on. You’ve seen it while waiting in line at the grocery store or when you’re grabbing your morning latte: everyone is on their smartphones. Seniors are no exception: 7 out of 10 seniors own a mobile phone. Increasingly, your prospective residents and their adult children are interacting with your online presence on mobile devices. Here’s how to make sure their experience is a good one.

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Social Media Marketing for Senior Living Communities: Tips to Get Started

If you aren’t incorporating social media into your marketing strategy, now’s the time to start. The demographics your community is most interested in -- those 55 and up -- are taking the internet by storm.

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Are You Working with Good Data?

You keep an eye on your own health and look out for the well-being of your residents. But you are monitoring the health and strength of your data?

If you make data-driven decisions, it’s crucial that the information you are working with is accurate. Inaccurate data has a direct impact on the bottom line of 88% of companies, with the average company losing 12% of its revenue, mostly in marketing dollars.

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Actionable Tips to Generate More Traffic to Your Senior Living Website

We can all use more prospects and connections. Are you trying every avenue to generate traffic and increase leads?

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How to Master Senior Living Lead Management

You’ve just come through January. You're likely loaded with leads at every stage of the sales process, from the influx of emails your latest campaign generated to the slew of new tours on deck. How do you make the most of all this interest? This article will help you master lead management in your senior living community.

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