Enquire Employee of the Month: Brian Wiles


Employee of the Month 

Brian Wiles, Technical Project Manager

Every month Enquire recognizes an employee for their outstanding contribution to the organization. The Employee of the Month program identifies an individual who achieves excellence in their field and goes above and beyond as an employee. This employee is selected by their peers and management via a survey that is sent out throughout the company.

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Using Process To Ensure Sales Success


Looking for any type of competitive advantage has become common place, but what is often missing are the key elements that make referral acquisition work day-to-day. Sure you can purchase claims data and then identify who you want to target, but what’s next? Implementing a sales process will help you to shake the “great relationships are the ONLY thing that brings referrals” mentality. 

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Improving Outcomes for Post-Acute Patients after Hospital Discharge


Readmission to hospitals within 30 days post-discharge is common among elderly patients who are discharged to a post-acute setting. Although sometimes unavoidable, are there measures that can be taken to prevent unnecessary readmissions? 

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