EnquireLEADS® vs. Salesforce Comparison Guide

Salesforce is a popular CRM that is widely used across industries. EnquireLEADS® is a powerful CRM designed for the senior living and healthcare industries. Both offer extensive cloud-based services, a powerful API facilitating a wide variety of integrations, customizable user interface, and time-saving workflow automation. Take a closer look at some of the differences between the two systems and learn why EnquireLEADS is the fastest-growing CRM for senior living and healthcare organizations.

Ease of use

A study by Inside CRM found that 55% of users think ease of use is the most important feature of CRM software. A CRM can have every bell and whistle imaginable, but if your sales reps can’t use it, it’s not doing your community any good.

Salesforce -- Not user friendly

Customers consistently complain that Salesforce is difficult to use, overwhelming, and a struggle to learn.

EnquireLEADS -- Easy to use from Day 1

EnquireLEADS is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its interface is intuitive, and you can make the most of all your data with reports that are simple to generate.  

  • Susan Nebel of Pathway Senior Living said, "The EnquireLEADS database is the most user-friendly system I have ever used.”
  • Carolyn Monz of Baptist Housing said, "I really enjoy using EnquireLEADS. It's really user-friendly and the help team is very quick to respond."
“EnquireLEADS database is the most user-friendly system I have ever used.” ~Carolyn Monz, Baptist Housing

CRM - Ease of Use



In selecting a CRM system, what you pay should reflect what you get.

Salesforce -- Paying more for less

Salesforce is one of the most expensive CRMs around. Its high price is a common customer complaint.

Basic features -- such as workflow automation, reporting history, certain sales tools, and extensive customer support -- are only offered at the higher service levels that cost between $125 and $250/month.

Initial adoption fees and training costs boost the price even higher. A recent review of Salesforce on CRM Search notes, “Small business customers repeatedly opine that support and professional services options are few and extremely costly.”

EnquireLEADS -- Big value, small price tag

EnquireLEADS is reasonably priced and provides strong value for its cost. Lorna Lee, MorningStar Senior Living's VP of Marketing and Communications, told CRM Marketplace, "We took three months to thoroughly research the major CRM systems on the market.”

“After seeing demonstrations of the top contenders, we ultimately selected EnquireLEADS . . .  Enquire Solutions had the best product for the best price.” ~ Lorna Lee, MorningStar Senior Living's VP of Marketing & Communications


Ability to customize

You want your CRM to adapt to you, not the other way around. Many communities have specific terminology, business processes, and sales methodologies that both frame their business philosophy and are a part of community culture.

Salesforce -- Cookie-cutter solutions

Customization is not Salesforce’s strong suit. Online CRM delves into why customization in Salesforce is so limited: “While [it] does provide several customization tools, the reality is that Salesforce.com supports over a half million users using the same solution and varying too far from that solution is not a feasible option.”

CRM Exposed notes that Salesforce’s “customization toolkits can be cumbersome to use, even to many seasoned administrators.” Customization is also expensive -- you have to pay more for the ability to extensively customize your system.

EnquireLEADS -- Made for you

Customizing EnquireLEADS is simple. The customization suite is built-in and available to all users. You can seamlessly integrate your existing fields and replicate your community’s sales processes in your CRM. You can also run database searches and generate reports filtered by your customized information.

The ease of customization allows you to segment your leads so you can target them with the precise sales messages they need. This makes report creation that much easier and more intuitive. Lee told CRM Marketplace that Enquire’s “customization to our needs, especially in light of our current growth, won the day.”

CRM - Customizable


Big-picture analytics and marketing tools

Big-picture analytics are exactly the kind of data that businesses need to formulate actionable insights. These metrics drive decisions. They help senior living leaders reallocate funds, course correct stalled marketing campaigns, and nurture sales-ready leads.

Salesforce -- Costly analytics

Salesforce wasn't built for analytics.

They recently improved their analytics capabilities with the Wave Analytics Cloud. However, the new platform isn't gaining much traction with their existing customers. In a survey of 1500 Salesforce customers, 81% indicate that increasing the use of predictive analytics is a top priority. Yet, only 6% of current customers use Salesforce’s new analytics platform and only 14% plan on using it in the future.

One reason so few Salesforce customers are willing to ride the Salesforce Wave might be the prohibitive cost. All-access analytics cost $150 per month per user, with a 40-user minimum. That’s a staggering $6,000 per month. This price structure make the product impractical for all but the largest enterprises with the biggest budgets.

EnquireLEADS -- All about the numbers

EnquireLEADS was built from the start with business intelligence in mind. It is keyed into the big-picture views that senior living management need to improve their communities. It offers an advanced marketing analytic suite, full of powerful tools:

  • Create, automate, and analyze rich marketing campaigns
  • Create segmented lists for marketing campaigns
  • View and compare key performance metrics by community, region, or portfolio
  • Customize dashboards to show marketing and sales trends
  • Measure bounce, clicks, and churn rates for email marketing campaigns
  • Track key metrics throughout the buyer’s journey
  • Perform in-depth lead generation analysis
  • Score leads to help the sales team prioritize lead nurturing efforts
  • Generate big-picture reports to measure campaign and sales success

CRM - Analytics


Industry specificity

Choosing a CRM built specifically for your industry has clear advantages.

“If you are using an industry-specific app instead of, say, a Salesforce.com, that is because you want to get as close as possible to the industry terms and industry and client data. It doesn't make sense to start from scratch.” ~Mitchell Kramer, SVP with the Patricia Seybold Group

Salesforce -- Full of stuff you don’t need

Salesforce is chock full of features. Many of them aren’t useful for senior housing, and none of them are customized to the unique needs of the industry.

EnquireLEADS -- Full of stuff you can’t get anywhere else

Out of the box, EnquireLEADS serves the senior living, assisted living, memory care, home health, hospice, skilled nursing and other healthcare industries. It has features like waitlist management, real-time home and market value analysis, resident web interfaces, and referral management. It also provides the reports that senior living management needs most, including year trend reports, community-level overviews, occupancy reports, and many more.

CRM - Industry Specific

Looking for more information on choosing a CRM? Check out these must-have CRM features for senior living communities.

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