How to Get Your Employees to Use Your Senior Living CRM Software

Senior Living CRMAre you spending money on customer relationship management (CRM) software that your employees aren’t using?

This is a common problem, especially in industries like senior living, where your sales staff may not have much experience using web-based software and may be resistant to adopting new technologies. However, to get the most out of your CRM system, all of your customer information must be contained within it…which means your sales team needs to use it.

Here are five strategies for getting your employees to use your senior living CRM software.

Demonstrate the value of using the software from your employees’ perspective

You know the benefits of CRM: it improves your sales ratios, helps you identify high-quality leads, reduces your costs while increasing revenue, and so on. These are important benefits…for you. Your employees, however, will be much more interested in how the software can benefit them.

For example, using a CRM system can cut down on the time it takes to do daily tasks and decrease the risk of making data entry errors. Show your employees how CRM can help them do their jobs better and in less time, and you probably won’t hear too many complaints.

Give your employees input on what CRM software you purchase

Since the success of a CRM implementation depends on your sales team becoming active users of the software, let them have some input into which software you purchase.

First, compare your options and narrow it down to a shortlist based on the CRM software features you require. Then, have your sales team participate in a demo to determine which one is most usable from their perspective. In addition to helping you pick the right system, this will boost their investment in the endeavor.

Don’t roll out everything at once

Feature-laden CRM applications can be overwhelming, even for those with prior experience using web-based enterprise applications. If possible, start with just the basic functions and add to them as your staff becomes more comfortable using the software.

Provide plenty of training

Resistance to using CRM software often stems from an apprehension about learning a new technology. Avoid this by providing plenty of training.

A solid training program would include:

  • A high-level introduction to the software (a great place to demonstrate its value for employees)
  • Initial training sessions during which employees start actively using the software
  • Follow-up training sessions on advanced features
  • Periodic training on new features and functionalities

Ask your software provider for resources, such as how-to manuals and video tutorials, to support this training.

Tie their performance evaluations to metrics within the CRM

This tip comes from Jim Keenan, aka A Sales Guy. He suggests that one way “to get people to use the CRM is measure them on sales metrics that can only come from the CRM.” You can use these metrics both to reward high-performing employees and to develop performance improvement plans when necessary.

Keenan writes: “If your sales team isn’t using the CRM, you haven’t created an environment that makes it worth their time. Make it worth their time and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.” These five strategies will help you create an environment that makes your staff want to use your CRM solution.

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