How Americare Senior Living Improved Lead Nurturing and Boosted Its Conversion Rate by 20+%


Executive Summary

Senior living provider Americare faced a challenge common in the industry: a lack of the necessary manpower to nurture incoming leads and advance prospects through the sales funnel.

The company runs many communities in small towns and other areas that haven’t traditionally had access to senior housing. As a provider dedicated to person-centered care, Americare wanted staff to remain small on the local level to stay true to their values. At the same time, their staff required support to keep up with both their on-site duties and the frequently ringing phones. They needed a dedicated, knowledgeable sales team to free up staff resources and provide consistent, high-quality lead nurturing.

With Enquire Solutions’ call center, Americare expanded the reach and responsiveness of its sales team, perfected a system of funneling well-nurtured leads to local communities, and improved its call-to-tour ratio by 20+%. By integrating the call center with EnquireLEADS CRM, Americare customized its lead information database and improved its data-driven decision-making.

THE CHALLENGE: Americare Senior Living needed a larger, stronger sales team to keep pace with an upswing in inbound leads.

“We’re open 24/7, and interested leads call at all hours. We needed well-trained, quality intake coordinators to field every call, every time,” said Pat Cokingtin, VP of Sales and Marketing, Americare Senior Living

Americare provides person-centered care by creating small, intimate senior living communities, often in areas without many senior living options. They value quality interactions and quality leads.

Thanks to increased organic marketing efforts, they were enjoying an upswing in inbound leads. But their small local teams didn't have time to attend to new leads because they were building relationships with those further down the funnel. Americare needed a dedicated, knowledgeable sales team to free up staff resources so the in-house staff could focus on face-to-face interactions.

THE SOLUTION: By implementing Enquire Solutions’ call center, Americare Senior Living increased the responsiveness of their sales team, improved the quality of their leads, and boosted their call-to-tour conversion ratio by 20+%.

“We don’t think of it as a call center. We think of them as part of our team,” said Cokingtin. “They are ‘our elder care advisors sitting in Denver.’”

After implementing Enquire Solutions’ call center, Americare’s conversion rate improved by 20+%. “And in some cases by far greater,” said Cokingtin.

There were two main drivers of this improvement:

  • The elder care advisors at the call center ensure that no lead goes unattended. All calls are answered promptly by people who can provide the information seniors need to make housing decisions.
  • The call center staff focus exclusively on the leads who call in. This provides a better customer experience for seniors while also freeing up local staff to play the many different roles their jobs require.

Our leads are much better nurtured with a call center,” said Cokingtin. “Unlike local staff who are spinning a lot of plates, Enquire Solutions’ call center staff focus solely on gaining the confidence of the callers. They actively listen, discover callers’ needs, and encourage leads toward a voice-to-voice or face-to-face meeting with the local team.”

The reason Enquire Solutions’ call center staff can provide these high-quality touches is the extensive training that they receive. As part of the community onboarding process, Enquire Solutions visits with the local team to learn its process and culture, and then uses that information to educate the dedicated call center team.

In this way, the call center staff become an extension of the in-house sales team, able to provide consistent, high-level service. “Before signing with Enquire Solutions, I went to the call center and listened to them take calls. I even secret-shopped them. Again and again, I was assured of the quality of Enquire Solutions’ call center,” said Cokingtin.

Americare also adopted EnquireLEADS CRM, which integrates seamlessly with the call center. Before that, Americare struggled with a long-standing issue that no other CRM solved: the need for customized reports. The other CRMs they investigated didn’t have the flexibility to produce the reports they required, and thus couldn’t be integrated into their sales process.

EnquireLEADS solved the problem by engineering a CRM-friendly version of the foundational report that Americare had been using for 8 years. For the first time, Americare had a CRM that worked for them. “Customization is key. We tried other systems and none of them put the time and effort into our problem. EnquireLEADS cared enough to work with us to find the solution that we needed,” said Cokingtin.

EnquireLEADS also enabled Americare to make data-driven decisions about where to allocate their resources. Using the reporting function, Americare learned that only 5% of leads from third-party referral agencies converted, compared to 35% of inbound leads from organic traffic. Based on this information, they decided to cancel their referral programs and put more resources into organic lead generation.

Overall, the combination of Enquire Solutions’ call center and EnquireLEADS CRM allowed Americare to focus on what matters most to them: quality interactions and quality leads.

Cokingtin said, “EnquireLEADS is very user-friendly, especially for sales. It’s easy to access the data we need to make good sales decisions. It’s easy to determine where we need more training, where we could be more effective, and what activities we need to put more energy into to get the right results.”

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About Americare Senior Living

Americare is a premier senior living provider, with 120 buildings on 87 campuses across five states. For 35 years, Americare has provided extended care to seniors, from assisted living and memory care to skilled nursing services. We are committed to creating small, intimate, community-focused environments that are truly homes to our residents. At the heart of every Americare community is a philosophy of person-centered care. This philosophy guides every decision we make. Person-centered care comes alive in our communities and makes a difference in the lives of our residents, their families, and our co-workers. For more information, visit Americare Senior Living.

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