How Providers Use Contact Centers to Drive ROI

Occupancy in senior housing and post-acute industries has become a well-known challenge as increased inventory from new construction surpasses the consumer demand. The underlying question: Is there a way to increase occupancy without breaking the bank? We are witnessing a new era in senior housing and post-acute industries as organizations are finding their solution by utilizing resources like contact centers, online chat, webforms and other lead sources.

Based on our data, Enquire found clients who use a contact center have seen at least a 35% bump in lead capture from the phone being answered consistently and providing an immediate response to online inquiries. Our clients have also been able to re-engage cold leads and convert to hot leads through outbound call campaigns. Across the board, occupancy for communities has increased by 4-11% by incorporating a contact center into their sales processes. In correlation, tours and inquiry-to-tour conversions consistently increase by over 20%, defining a noticeable trend that the time between inquiry to tour matters for conversion of inquiry to move in.


Enquire has designed a dedicated team model within our contact center business unit. We tailor our approach to each client's needs and focus on each by addressing their process pain points and gaps. The underlying solution is typically call management (both inbound and outbound) with additional support from products like  online chat, web-forms, referral sources, among others.

Enquire's solutions centralize your sales and marketing services so whether you have one property or many, your leads and referrals receive a consistent message. We help your team simplify your revenue cycle and grow your revenue faster by reducing sales cycle time. Using Enquire's contact center solutions also offers many features and benefits listed below: 

Grow your revenue faster by decreasing the sales cycle length: Leverage our streamlined approach for answering every inquiry to increase tours and close more sales. Answer the calls that your competitors are missing, respond to internet leads in minutes instead of days and catch passive leads by offering online chat.

Reduce administrative burdens: Outsourcing tedious aspects of the resident lifecyle will reduce your time spent on paperwork and answering inquiries. Let us follow-up with indecisive prospects and handle appointment scheduling.

Reduce the costs associated with hiring, training, turnover and technology: Your company will have designated Customer Service Associates that work directly with your staff. With our services, your company will gain efficiency, functionality, flexibility and other cost saving benefits for a fraction of the cost.

Allocate resources to achieve the greatest return on investment: Our systems will ensure you always capture complete and accurate data. All of your information is stored in our cloud network so that you can access it anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The chart below compares communities who used a call center in 2016 - 2017 to capture inquiries, to those that do not.



What else does Enquire's contact center team offer?

Analytics: We create automated real-time reporting dashboards and analytics.

Answering Services: Intake, admissions and after-hour phone coverage for your community, facility or location. Guarantee every caller has an exceptional first impression. We ensure all calls are appropriately and professionally engaged to move to the next level.

Appointment Scheduling: We schedule appointments for your staff through our CRM that is synced with your internal calendars.

Call Backup: Capture all inbound calls that your team misses. Ensure onsite team is efficiently provided all information pertinent to effectively close the sale.

Chat: Websites are equipped with online chat, contact us and schedule-a-tour forms. Chat's are immediately answered.

Documentation: All information is documented into our CRM including discovery, outreach appointments and lead information to effectively manage a communities pipeline.

Digital Leads Management: Web forms are managed and responded to within minutes of a client receiving this from a prospect/resident.

Event RSVP Management: We monitor your call tracking lines for events and campaigns, and assist with coding attendees encouraged to RSVP.

Hotlines: We run employment, staff, and natural disaster hotlines.

Referral Source Management: A Place for Mom,, AllScripts, or the-like, Enquire team respond immediately to ensure patients/leads are managed quickly.

Post-Discharge Follow-Up: We developed a discharge process that incorporates a detailed communication workflow that has a configurable template with our CRM. Click here to download a post discharge follow-up worksheet for post-acute care.

Move Out Surveys: Our contact center conducts phone surveys for past customers.

Support 24/7/365: We offer round-the-clock coverage to ensure every website visitor has a great experience.

Our scalable and customizable contact center services support a variety of inbound and outbound calls. We are dedicated to increasing sales and admissions activity through prompt responses and systematic follow-up. Contact us to learn how you can increase your occupancy.

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