How to Coach Successful Salespeople


Every day hustle.

Salespeople pounding the pavement.

Differentiating yourself from the competition.

These are the obvious signs that you are committed to growing your sales or brand footprint. Unfortunately, there are many examples in our industry that salespeople build one or two solid relationships and end up riding those relationships and the referrals they bring in, without ever truly growing.


Have you ever met that one salesperson who could constantly be trusted to hit or even exceed their quota for years, only to lose a single referral source and never recover? At one point in their career, you can’t imagine a world without them and now you are quietly looking for a replacement. That is the unfortunate tragedy of the un-invested salesperson. It doesn’t make them a bad rep or an unmotivated rep. What you have is a successful rep using tactics learned when the industry was different. If they are not invested in personal development, then you should not expect them to adjust well.

One of the most common characteristics of successful leaders is that they are committed to personal development. Exercise, reading self-improvement articles, listening to success podcasts, even engaging with other leaders are all examples of this commitment to growth. Many salespeople may not have the commitment and that does not ensure that they are going to fail or be unsuccessful, but it can be a sign that they are not focused on growth.

Coaching successful salespeople

Let’s face it. Successful salespeople don’t always take kindly to being told what to do. They know they are winning and the more pressure they get, the more likely they may be to look for a less involved employer that will let them work alone. While they may not want to be told to focus on personal development, there are some tricks to get them involved.

1. Let them lead the others

They may have no interest in actual leadership and may be bad at it as well, but asking them if they will help be an example will often make them commit to encouraging others to take part in personal or team building exercises. This doesn’t work with everyone, but often getting the proverbial buy-in from your top ranking salespeople will help you push development to the entire team.

2. Reward participants

This is another way many successful sales people will get engaged. By putting a reward at the completion of a personal development task, many winners will participate just to win. This means if you want them to read a book, tell them the first person to read the book and write a brief summary of three things they learned from reading it will get a $50 gift card. Watch how fast the summaries come in. Some salespeople will not have time because of their hustle, but it doesn’t sound like they are the ones who need motivated anyways.

3. Lead by example

Many successful salespeople are successful because they mimic and act the way the people they look up to act. While that may seem strange, many great leaders are the inspiration for other great leaders and they didn’t all start out as an inspirational story we read at sales meetings. They were once like everyone else, hustling to make ends meet and struggling to stay ahead. Then, one day they found inspiration and started one or two good habits that took them from uninspired to unstoppable. There is a good chance you could be the catalyst to their skyrocket trip to success.

4. Sales Training

There are several great sales trainers throughout the nation that teach or offer tools for continual growth. It is easy to look for a sales boot camp or two-day training that you can give your most successful salespeople an all-expense paid trip to. They believe they are getting rewarded, but you are actually insuring that they will continue to be the secret weapon you need helping drive census growth by staying ahead of a changing industry.

How do you commit yourself to personal growth? Are you so busy in the daily hustle that you have not made time to acquire new knowledge or improve yourself? Consider developing a new routine that includes some form of personal development. Obviously exercise and healthy eating can play a pivotal role as well, but any change is a positive move in the right direction. Bring in daily inspiration, celebrate success, and most important, love what you do.  As Confucius says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

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