How do I get my team to use our CRM?!


Some sales people live, breathe, and function through a CRM. Others tend to want to throw their phone/device in the river every time they have to open the program. The fact is, no two salespeople are alike. However, we do have some options to increase user adoption. No one said it would be easy, but the process is very straight forward.


You are going to have to sell it to them. 

One of the best ways to ensure usage of your CRM and maximize on the investment is to help them understand how it will help them and help you run the business. There are so many great benefits that come from using a CRM platform. Not only is there structure and easy access to their data, but there are mobility options and a good CRM can eliminate the need for other reporting programs. Anyone in sales who has to enter information into two or more systems knows the value in just having one to focus on.

Much like any successful sales person, you’ll need to understand their objections if you want to overcome them. After all, the key to selling is listening. Many times, the objections are the same across sales people. See the list of common objections and reasonable responses below.

Objection: It will take too much time! (or, “I don’t have time for this!”)

Response: It may take a little time, but this will eliminate most of the other paperwork you are required to do. Additionally, it will help improve the accuracy of your access to client, patient, or resident information. Even on the go, you will be able to access the information you need to do your work efficiently.

Notes: You can also take them to some of the other departments in your organization and show them how much paperwork is required. This should work to sober their complaints.

Objection: I do not want to be micromanaged! (or, “You are tracking my every move!”)

Response: I don’t want to track your every movement as I don’t have time for that. Using a CRM should help to get me out of your way and let you focus on closing business. Plus, sales in almost every professional industry is using a CRM to manage their clients. We need to step out of the dark ages and become more efficient.

Notes: They can argue that using a CRM is not more efficient, but most likely they are not seeing the advantages of having a reliable database of their referral sources. If you end up in a back and forth, ask them who their top three referral sources are and to name the staff working with any one of them. When they answer (which they most likely will) ask them where that data is stored. That is the kicker. The data is in their head or on a paper log and that is not helping you. Furthermore, it’s entirely unreliable.

Objection: I am bad with computers! (or, “I don’t think I can do it.”)

Response: We’ll learn it together. Companies like Enquire Solutions have a tech support team, client experience, and a huge library of online training tools. We will have all the help we need to discover what we need to do.

Notes: CRM anxiety should be a diagnosable condition with an ICD code attached to it. If your salespeople can text, send emails, and/or play Candy Crush, they should be able to use the CRM to the bare minimum requirements. Just know that some of the most technology challenged sales people on the planet have learned how to manage their CRM and you do not have the only exception to the rule. Give them support and they’ll get it.

Objection: I used a CRM at my last company and hated it. (or, “I don’t wanna!”)

Response: Not all systems are the same. I hated my 1987 Buick Skylark, but I needed to get from point A to point B. I eventually learned to love that car and you know what? I have a much nicer car now. I need you on board to roll this out. If it’s terrible, we can make customizations or change systems if necessary. This is not going to work if you are not championing this with me.

Notes: Unfortunately, not every CRM has great customer experience teams or the library of tools to help increase user adoption. Enquire Leads is not one of those companies. We provide an outrageous amount of customization, service and a dedicated account manager, so you have a direct line to help when you need it. We believe your success is vital to ours.

Set goals and stand behind them.

It’s difficult for some organizations to require their team to use a CRM. However, the companies that make using the system mandatory are almost always more successful than the companies that treat it like an option. Your team needs to understand that this is the direction you are moving in. Another way to influence their buy-in is to let them in on what you hope the CRM will do for them and you. Are you looking for specific metrics or do you hope to simplify their reporting process? By offering some transparency about your motives, you can help them to understand what you need out of them and their role in the implementation’s success.

There is no perfect methodology to getting your team to adopt a CRM, but the metrics surrounding companies that implement a CRM system successfully all suggest that you will see an increase of your census if you can achieve a successful rollout. If you’d like to discover how we are helping organizations grow in an increasing competitive market, email us at or sign up for a demo here.

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