New Features Update: Goal Setting, Improved Reporting, Digital Coaching, Email Templates, and More

EnquireLEADS is full of helpful features to keep you running at maximum efficiency. Read our latest product highlights below, and check out our 
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Goal Setting

Admins can now track key goals, such as occupancy, tours, conversion rates, and more, from within EnquireLEADS. You can add these goals to your dashboard to monitor at the portfolio, community, or individual level and to understand how well your team is performing over time.


Goals 2.jpg 

Email Templates

Letters, contracts and other Word documents can be uploaded with fields from your prospect database, such as name, address, and community.You can also create email templates from the emails you send regularly. Keep them private or share them with your entire team!

Note: You must be synced with Outlook/Exchange or Gmail. Click here to learn how.

Email Templates.jpg


Digital Coaching

With the EnquireLEADS new workflows, you can set up custom alerts based on prospect actions to digitally coach your team. Do you want to send sales users a note whenever a prospect schedules a visit? Simply create your notification, and whenever a tour is scheduled, your team will receive a notification and a reminder on the best step to take next.



Improved Reports

Is your data telling a story that you can draw conclusions from?

EnquireLEADS has a new and improved business intelligence reporting interface. Use our 50+ templates to slice and dice your data and create visuals that are meaningful to your organization. We have everything from community performance dashboards to sales team report cards. Start monitoring the RIGHT metrics today!

Metric categories include:

  • Sales and Activity
  • Marketing and Campaigns
  • Deposits and Census
  • Residents and Buyer Profiles

Click here to learn more about reports.



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