Software Guide for Your Senior Living Community

Have you gone digital in your approach to senior living management, or are your community’s offices still full of paper and (gasp!) overstuffed filing cabinets?

The right software tools can be a boon for your senior living community, helping you boost your occupancy, increase efficiency in all of your operations, and decrease the chances of making mistakes (for example, in data entry). They can also help you stay engaged with residents and communicate with their families. Call it a

Here are seven types of senior living software your community needs.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Whether your community is brand new (and if it is, here are some leasing up tips) or an established community looking to increase your occupancy, a CRM is a game-changer. A CRM allows you to track your sales from lead to close, increase your sales team’s productivity, and optimize your sales process.

The average ROI of CRM investment is a whopping $5.60 for every $1 spent, and the more you invest over time, the higher that ROI becomes! Using a CRM like EnquireLEADS, which is designed specifically for senior living communities, can increase your conversions by up to 87%.

Marketing automation

Your CRM’s best friend is your marketing automation software. Together, these tools work to provide a complete, integrated sales and marketing solution.

Using a marketing automation software like HubSpot, you can develop highly targeted marketing campaigns across multiple channels (blog, email, social) and track the performance of those campaigns. That way, you can put your resources into the campaigns that convert the most inquiries to tours and the most tours to move-ins.

By the way, the ROI of marketing automation? Roughly 28%.

Financial management

A good accounting software is a must-have. Billing records are required for regulatory compliance in many communities. And let’s face it, basic spreadsheets aren’t much better (or easier) than old-fashioned handwritten ledgers.

Quickbooks is one of the most versatile, easiest-to-use accounting software applications available for small and medium businesses. It also integrates easily with many other software suites commonly used by senior living communities.

Care and medication management

Resident care management software helps you keep track of all resident care requirements and delivery, including medications and physicians’ communications. This software ensures seamless information transfer between medical staff and caregivers, and it greatly reduces the chances of mistakes. There are many options for care management depending on the level of care your community provides.

Activities management

As this A Place for Mom article says, modern senior living community activities go way beyond bingo. Your activities management software may range from a simple Google calendar to a full system that allows residents to sign up (and even pay) to attend events.

Hint: Put your activities calendar on your website as a way to give prospective residents a taste of what it’s like to live in your community.

Family engagement management

This is a relatively new idea, but one that is incredibly powerful. Your engagement with your residents’ families doesn’t end at move-in -- it’s a relationship that should continue the entire time someone is living in your community.

Family engagement software, like this one from Caremerge, makes it easy for senior living providers to keep residents’ families in the loop. This promotes resident and family satisfaction -- and, as you know, high satisfaction leads to positive online reviews and more referrals.

Staffing management

Finally, especially in larger senior living communities, staffing management software can be the difference between happy days and headaches. Staffing management software allows you to schedule staff based on the requirements of your residents and your community. It also helps you manage vacations, overtime, last-minute sick days, and other scheduling complexities that rear their ugly heads.

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