Top CRM Software Features for Senior Living Communities

CRM Software FeaturesCustomer relationship management (CRM) software for senior living communities comes in many varieties. Some applications focus on property management, but have other CRM capabilities; some are general CRM programs that can be customized for senior living; and others were built specifically to meet the needs of senior living communities.

While usability is hands-down the most important aspect of CRM software, it’s the features that determine what you can do with it. Below is a brief explanation of the top CRM software features for senior living communities.

Online directory/residence search

An online directory with residence search is a customer-facing tool that allows prospective customers to quickly and easily search for housing and find information about your facilities.

Home/rental market values

A common way for home and rental market values to be integrated into the CRM interface is via a Zillow plugin.

Lead generation and management

Lead generation and management tools are the heart of CRM software. These tools help you identify high-quality leads and move prospective customers through the sales funnel.

Referral management

Referral management features help you leverage your current customer base and work with outside advisors to identify new prospective customers.

Inventory/waitlist management

Having your inventory/waitlist management tools integrated into your CRM solution can help you provide better customer service and increase the efficiency of your sales department.

Transactions management

The ability to track deposits and other transactions, and run reports on the data, helps you capture sales compensation and quickly compare your actuals to your sales goals.

Customizable workflows and fields

Customizability enables a CRM application to meet the unique needs of each senior living community. In addition to workflows and fields, some CRM systems offer customizable reports and smart forms.

Email and calendar integration

Integration with email and calendar programs means easier scheduling and contact management.

On-demand customizable reports

Reporting features help you make sense of the data you collect. Customizable reports that can be created on-demand ensure that you have access to the information you need, when you need it.

Data exports

This feature refers to how easy it is to get data out of your CRM software for use in another program, such as Microsoft Excel.

Marketing campaign and task management

Using CRM marketing features, you can develop workflows and track the success of your marketing campaigns to determine where best to spend your marketing budget.

Marketing automation integration

Integrating your marketing automation software with your CRM system allows you to connect and centralize your marketing and sales processes.

Responsive design for mobile/tablet

Mobile CRMs make for more productive sales teams. Web-based CRM applications are more likely than installed software to be compatible with mobile devices.

Developer site/API

An application program interface (API) allows different software programs to talk to one another; for example, you could use the API to integrate your clinical system with your CRM software.

Security and compliance

Security and compliance are essential for any program that stores sensitive customer information. In the healthcare industry, software must be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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