Top News Stories in Senior Living Management - September 2015

Health Care REIT and ALFA Get Branding Makeovers

Two major players in senior living are rebranding for the industry’s changing needs. Starting December 1, the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) will be known as Argentum. The new name, “derived from the Latin word for silver, conveys strength and a sense of gravitas while giving a nod to the ‘silver generation,’” according to the association.

Meanwhile, Health Care REIT, one of the largest healthcare facilities REITs in the country, rebranded as Welltower. According to CEO Thomas J. DeRosa, the name “reflects [the company’s] commitment to environments that promote wellness.”

Sources: ALFA: Assisted Living Federation of America Unveils New Name. BusinessWire. Health Care REIT Becomes Welltower, Driving Innovation, Value and the Transformation of Health Care Infrastructure

NIC Data: Senior Housing Transactions Reach All-Time High

According to new data from the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC) and the National Real Estate Investor, senior housing M&A is now at an all-time high. Transaction volume at the end of Q2 was $17 billion in the previous 12 months, and experts expect this trend to continue.

In related news, Trilogy Health Services was acquired by Griffin-American Healthcare REIT III in a transaction worth $1.125 billion.

Sources: Senior Housing News: NIC: Senior Housing M&A Volume at All-Time High. Trilogy: Trilogy Health Services to be Acquired by Griffin-American Healthcare REIT III in a $1.125 Billion Transaction

New Study Shows Lifespans Increasing, but Percentage of Unhealthy Years Remains the Same

According to new research, the average lifespan is increasing globally, but no matter how long they live, people can expect to spend about one-eighth of their lives unhealthy. Significantly, spending more money on healthcare does not change this percentage. Global health expert Peter Byass notes that even in areas with high investment in healthcare (like the United States), the last years of life are spent unhealthy, suggesting that “maybe part of it is that medical services can prolong unhealthy lives.”

Source: NPR. Check Out Life Spans Around the World — And Likely Years Of Ill Health

Brookdale Survey Reveals Seniors’ Positive Attitudes Toward Technology

A new survey by Brookdale examined seniors’ attitudes toward and uses of technology, finding that older seniors (80+) who use technology to stay socially connected are happier and healthier than those who don’t. Currently the top technology used by seniors is cellphones, followed by computers and social media. The main barrier to technology adoption among older seniors is that new technologies tend to be complicated and “take too much time to figure out.”

Source: Brookdale Senior Living: Rewiring Aging

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