New Webinar: How Contact Centers Increase Occupancy in Senior Housing

Occupancy in Senior Housing has become a well-known challenge in the industry as new construction and inventory continue to surpass the demand for available units. With this challenge, the question stands, "Is there a way to increase occupancy without breaking the bank?"

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Call Center Reps

A good senior living call center rep does more than just answer phones. They respond to concerns with empathy, connect callers to the right people and information, and move prospective residents closer to a sale.

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Call Center Guru Reveals the Secrets to Winning in Senior Living

How is your sales team answering your phone? Are they trained to handle the toughest cookie, skilled at responding empathetically to stress, and aware of the phone tics that kill a sale?

Dylan Watts, Director of Operations at Enquire Solutions, is willing to wager your team has room for improvement. He’s managed staff at call centers for years and has learned what works -- and what doesn’t.

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How Americare Senior Living Improved Lead Nurturing and Boosted Its Conversion Rate by 20+%

Executive Summary

Senior living provider Americare faced a challenge common in the industry: a lack of the necessary manpower to nurture incoming leads and advance prospects through the sales funnel.

The company runs many communities in small towns and other areas that haven’t traditionally had access to senior housing. As a provider dedicated to person-centered care, Americare wanted staff to remain small on the local level to stay true to their values. At the same time, their staff required support to keep up with both their on-site duties and the frequently ringing phones. They needed a dedicated, knowledgeable sales team to free up staff resources and provide consistent, high-quality lead nurturing.

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Is Your Senior Living Community Experiencing These Symptoms? A Call Center Can Help

Do you . . .

  • Lack programs to ensure sales inquiries are answered during nights and weekends?
  • Lack strategies to scale your sales and marketing team to meet community growth?
  • Lack transparency into your sales and marketing initiatives due to poor data entry and CRM compliance?
  • Lack consistent sales messaging across your portfolio of communities?
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Are You Missing Sales by Not Outsourcing to a Call Center?

Do you think that all call centers are created equal? Full of disinterested receptionists, just there for a job? Robo-dialers, calling without a purpose?

Forget your preconceived notions.

Call centers come in all shapes and sizes, and in senior living, a successful call center is an extension of your sales team. The reps are well-trained, committed employees who are knowledgeable about your community(s) and the importance of establishing an emotional connection with your prospective residents.

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2015 Year in Review Senior Living Sales and Marketing Benchmarking Report Now Available

Our new annual Senior Living Sales and Marketing Benchmark report is now available for download. In it, you’ll find valuable sales and marketing benchmarks for independent living, assisted living, and memory care, gathered from hundreds of senior living communities.

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Is Your Call Center Nurturing Your Leads?

Despite an overwhelming increase in email and internet-based communication, senior living communities continue, by far, to receive most inquiries by phone. On average, across all levels of care, over 50% of leads come in by phone. How do you ensure your call center staff is nurturing leads?

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Are You Making Bad Decisions Based on Bad Data?

Data has been called the new natural resource. According to the most recent Experian Data Quality benchmark study, 97% of U.S. companies use data to gain insight into their organizations.

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5 Leasing Up Tips for Senior Living Communities

Senior housing construction has been booming for the past three years. While the aging of the U.S. population is leading to a huge growth in demand for senior housing, some analysts are concerned that the supply is growing too quickly. Increased competition means new communities must be smart in how they approach their leasing up process.

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