EnquireLEADS® vs. Salesforce Comparison Guide

Salesforce is a popular CRM that is widely used across industries. EnquireLEADS® is a powerful CRM designed for the senior living and healthcare industries. Both offer extensive cloud-based services, a powerful API facilitating a wide variety of integrations, customizable user interface, and time-saving workflow automation. Take a closer look at some of the differences between the two systems and learn why EnquireLEADS is the fastest-growing CRM for senior living and healthcare organizations.

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8 CRM Performance Metrics You Should Be Tracking Right Now

So, you’ve fully integrated your CRM system and you now have a lean, mean data-generating machine. But, you’ve started to feel a bit overwhelmed with the sheer volume of data available to you. What should you be paying attention to?

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Software Guide for Your Senior Living Community

Have you gone digital in your approach to senior living management, or are your community’s offices still full of paper and (gasp!) overstuffed filing cabinets?

The right software tools can be a boon for your senior living community, helping you boost your occupancy, increase efficiency in all of your operations, and decrease the chances of making mistakes (for example, in data entry). They can also help you stay engaged with residents and communicate with their families. Call it a win-win...win-win-win.

Here are seven types of senior living software your community needs.

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Are You Making Bad Decisions Based on Bad Data?

Data has been called the new natural resource. According to the most recent Experian Data Quality benchmark study, 97% of U.S. companies use data to gain insight into their organizations.

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7 Reasons to Integrate Marketing Automation and Your CRM

Are your marketing and sales processes on speaking terms? Or is it a case of “the right hand doesn’t know what the left one is doing?” Marketing automation and CRM are two of the highest-impact applications senior living companies can use to boost their productivity and sales. Here are seven reasons why these two systems should work together.

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Specialized vs. Fully Integrated Software: What’s Right for Your Community?

Technology is expanding into all areas of business management. For senior living and multifamily communities, the software needs include systems for property management, referral management, sales and marketing management, clinical management, and customer relationship management (CRM). This list isn’t exhaustive, but you get the idea.

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5 Leasing Up Tips for Senior Living Communities

Senior housing construction has been booming for the past three years. While the aging of the U.S. population is leading to a huge growth in demand for senior housing, some analysts are concerned that the supply is growing too quickly. Increased competition means new communities must be smart in how they approach their leasing up process.

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How to Get Your Employees to Use Your Senior Living CRM Software

Are you spending money on customer relationship management (CRM) software that your employees aren’t using?

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Top CRM Software Features for Senior Living Communities

Customer relationship management (CRM) software for senior living communities comes in many varieties. Some applications focus on property management, but have other CRM capabilities; some are general CRM programs that can be customized for senior living; and others were built specifically to meet the needs of senior living communities.

While usability is hands-down the most important aspect of CRM software, it’s the features that determine what you can do with it. Below is a brief explanation of the top CRM software features for senior living communities.

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How to Compare CRM Services: A Senior Living Executive’s Guide to Customer Relationship Management

Are you a senior living executive in search of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution? Do you know what kind of impact CRM can have on your business?

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