Using Process To Ensure Sales Success


Looking for any type of competitive advantage has become common place, but what is often missing are the key elements that make referral acquisition work day-to-day. Sure you can purchase claims data and then identify who you want to target, but what’s next? Implementing a sales process will help you to shake the “great relationships are the ONLY thing that brings referrals” mentality. 

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SMASH 2017 Recap: Industry Benchmarks and the Power of Understanding Data


Last week, hundreds of senior care sales and marketing executives gathered in Chicago for the annual SMASH (Senior Care Marketing Sales Summit) conference. The 2½ day conference highlighted best practices for effective marketing and sales strategies, with a heavy emphasis on content strategy, digital marketing and utilization of data to optimize community sales and marketing programs.

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The Future of Senior Living and Assisted Living

A decade ago, senior living experts were looking into their crystal balls and anticipating 2016. They expected healthcare employee shortages, paradigm shifts in assistive technology, and advances in the treatment of Alzheimer's and other chronic diseases. Many of these predictions were spot on in describing the state of senior living today. Which raises the question: Where will we be 10 years from now?

Here are trends to watch for in the next decade.

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Falls Prevention Resources for Senior Living and Healthcare

Some startling statistics from the CDC:

  • About one-third of people over 65 fall each year. Less than half of these tell their doctor!
  • Every year, falls cause 2.5 million older people to go to the emergency room and more than 700,000 to become hospitalized.
  • Falls cause more than 95% of hip fractures.
  • Once someone has fallen, they are twice as likely to fall again.
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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Senior Living Occupancy

How do you increase your senior living occupancy? Is this question keeping you up at night?

Demand for senior housing is high and rising. However, recent data from the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care shows that in certain markets, supply is currently outstripping demand. Here are five things you can do to boost your numbers.

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3 Software Tools to Manage Your Senior Living Community’s Reputation

Prospective customers check you out online before contacting you. Your residents and employees talk to residents and employees at other communities. Referrals make up a significant proportion of your sales. For all of these reasons and more, your senior living community’s reputation is important.

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Cybersecurity for Senior Living Providers: Is Your Data Safe?

Any company that keeps digital records of customer data needs to take security seriously. This is especially true for companies like senior living providers, whose data may include medical records, social security numbers, and other pieces of sensitive information above and beyond the phone and credit card numbers that businesses like retailers have to worry about.

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High-Tech Senior Living: What Technology Means for Your Community

Advancements in technology have triggered massive changes in the senior living industry in recent years, and now more than ever, communities need to embrace them and use them appropriately. From improving the health and safety of your residents to helping them communicate better with their families, new digital tools can improve many aspects of your community.

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Are You Making Bad Decisions Based on Bad Data?

Data has been called the new natural resource. According to the most recent Experian Data Quality benchmark study, 97% of U.S. companies use data to gain insight into their organizations.

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What Amenities Does Your Senior Living Community Need?

Senior living is more about choice than ever before, with facilities offering everything from customized meal plans to expanded options for exercise and recreation. Here are the trendiest and most requested amenities for senior living communities today, and some ideas for how to incorporate them into your business model.

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